Masi Modello Delle Venezie Rosso
IGT ~ Italy.

Medium ruby red colour; aromas of fresh cherries, with hints of earth and vanilla; dry, medium bodied, well balanced, crafted in a food friendly, easy drinking style.
6oz - $8.50 9oz - $10.75 750ml Btl - $30.00

Centine Rosso Toscana
IGT ~ Italy.

Clear, medium ruby colour; aromas of dried fruit and spice with floral and smoky notes; dry and medium bodied with flavours of cherry, ripe berries and dried herbs; medium finish, drink now.
6oz - $9.25 9oz - $13.25 750ml Btl - $36.00

Masi Campofiorin Ripasso
IGT ~ Italy.

Deep ruby red colour; aromas of ripe red cherries and spice; the palate is extra dry, full-bodied with dominating flavours of cherries, red berry fruit and a nice backbone of spice; tannins are soft and the finish is medium.
6oz - $10.75 9oz - $13.25 750ml Btl - $42.00

Cantina di Negrar Valpolicella
~ Italy.

Ruby red colour; light cherry and spice aromas; light bodied with soft berry flavours.Good with pizza and pasta dishes.
6oz - $9.25 9oz - $12.50 1/2 L - $23.00

Cave Springs Dolomite Pinot noir
Niagara ~ Canada.

Light-medium bodied, dry with fresh cherry flavours and aromas of earth and spice.
6oz - $12.25 9oz - $16.50 750ml Btl - $46.00

~ U.S.A.

Classically styled Cali Cab featuring cassis, cherry, spice and woodsmoke. It's dry and fruity, with supporting tannins and refreshing acidity.
6oz - $12.75 9oz - $16.75 750ml Btl - $48.00

The Show Cabernet Sauvignon
~ U.S.A.

From the land of Californian cowboys comes this bold, juicy red. Look for dominating notes of dried black cherries, raspberry, black currant, toasted spicy oak and vanilla. On the palate expect resonating plush flavours with soft texture all the way through to the finish.
6oz - $10.00 9oz - $13.00 750ml Btl - $38.00

GB51 Cabernet Shiraz
~ Australia.

Fruit harvested at optimum ripeness from vineyards in South Australia. Mid-brick red colour with a cinnamon and spice bouquet and hints of oak.
6oz - $10.50 9oz - $14.50 750ml Btl - $39.00

~ Italy.

Deep ruby colour; floral, cherry and dried fruit aromas with hints of leather and wood; dry, medium bodied, good red cherry, apple flavours, silky tannin, lingering finish.
6oz - $9.25 9oz - $13.25 750ml Btl - $36.00

By The Bottle

Ruffino Classico Chianti
~ Italy

Sangiovese grape variety. Tart cherry & plum flavours with hints of cedar.
750ml Btl - $58.00

Masi Costasera Amarone
~ Italy

Corvina, Rondenilla & Molinara grapes are dried giving complex aromas of plum, fig, black cherry & chocolate.
750ml Btl - $79.00

Brunello Di Montalicino
~ Italy

Full-bodied, 100% Sangiovese, aromas of raspberries, strawberries, soft & velvety.
750ml Btl - $89.00


Folonari Soave
Veneto ~ Italy.

Dry, light-bodied wine, great with fish or white meats.
6oz - $8.25 9oz - $11.75 1/2 L - $22.00

Cave Springs Reisling
Niagara ~ Canada.

Dry, light to medium-bodied wine, clean, citrus flavours. Refreshing and crisp.
6oz - $8.00 9oz - $11.25 750ml Btl - $30.00

Cave Springs Chardonnay
Niagara ~ Canada.

Vanilla aromas and flavours with spicy notes.
6oz - $9.75 9oz - $13.25 750ml Btl - $36.00

Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio
Alto Adige ~ Italy.

Dry, light and crisp, works well with pasta and fish dishes.
6oz - $10.25 9oz - $14.25 750ml Btl - $39.00

Placido Pinot Grigio
Tuscany ~ Italy.

Full fresh ripe pear and citrus, flavourful on the palate.
6oz - $8.50 9oz - $11.50 750ml Btl - $32.00

Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc
Marlborough ~ New Zealand.

Dry, medium-bodied, crisp acidity, clean crisp finish.
6oz - $9.50 9oz - $13.50 750ml Btl - $38.00

Principessa Gavia
Piedmonte ~ Italy

Light-bodied, made from the Cortese grape in Piedmonte. Refreshing citrus, peach, green apple, pear and pineapple.
6oz - $10.25 9oz - $14.25 750ml Btl - $39.00

Sutter Home White Zinfandel
California ~ U.S.A.

Sweet with light flavours of citrus & berries.
6oz - $8.25 9oz - $10.75 750ml Btl - $29.00

Bottega Vino dei Pieti Proseco
Veneto ~ Italy.

A refreshing sparkling wine, fragrant with delicate apple, pear & citrus flavours.
6oz - $9.00 9oz - $12.75 750ml Btl - $37.00

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